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Use one or several of our free surveys to pinpoint the honest doubts and key questions your people are wrestling with. After completion, we will work closely with you to assess the data and plan a course of action that can include free video resources, book recommendations, and possibly a Faith Ascent Seminar with one or more Faith Ascent speakers. 

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Note: Utilizing our surveys does not require you to book a Faith Ascent seminar but we do ask that you share your data with us after collecting answers. 


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Psychologists have identified 3 primary causes of the explosion in anxiety in our culture. I share in my new book, #FindingQuiet, how Christians can be different by learning to be joyful and peaceful in the midst of our increasingly anxious world. #Anxiety

While you may not often hear the term #criticaltheory in #evangelicalism it’s likely you’ve encountered the ideas there. Are these ideas compatible with a #Biblical #Worldview? Thank you @NeilShenvi for helping our students think this through at Base Camp 2019!