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Student Feedback


“Base Camp was my first Christian camp experience. I didn’t have a lot of high expectations going into this but it was great. I hear my friends talk about going to church camps where they spend all day playing games and singing. That’s not for me. Here you just learn so much. We go so deep into these topics it really gets your mind going. I like that. That’s for me.” Lucas L. (Base Camp West 2019) 

“I’m from Hungary and i’ve always been interested in finding answers to questions people ask me about the Bible. With my friend, I lead a group back home at my school. It’s a Christian group that invites non-Christians to attend. We want to answer their questions about Christianity. I took materials from Ron Quick and others and I used them to prepare for my group. Base Camp didn’t just help me. It also helped 25 students back home.” Csenge F. (Base Camp Central 2019)

“At first I had a different perspective on Christian camps. I grew up in church but I thought I wouldn’t be welcome if I had questions. If there are kids that feel they’re not going to be welcome because they have big questions and doubts I know where they are coming from. Here with leaders like Dani, Kari, JJ, and Jeremy it’s so different! They are open to all your questions. Not just them, the speakers and even the volunteers too.” Angelica T. (Base Camp West 2019)

“I drive nine hours from Atlanta, GA to St. Louis because this camp is super good. Before coming here I had a lot of questions that were never discussed in my youth group. Base Camp is a safe place to unpack all these massive questions. I could’t find this anywhere else and that’s why I came back a second time as a leader and a third time as a volunteer. I’m taking these conversations back home with me every summer.” Jac C. (Base Camp Central 2019)

“I grew up going to a private Christian school but Base Camp is just so different. I’m a repeat student and every year I leave feeling so much more equipped. Growing up going to church and youth camps was great and I experienced good things but coming here is where I found the answers I was looking for. I’m in youth ministry now and I use so much of what I learned here in my conversations.”  Amanda W. (Base Camp Central 2019)

“To be told to believe something is one thing. To be shown why it’s believable is another thing. I’ve always thought learning why you believe what you believe is important. Here at camp, some of this was a review. But even that was good because it really reinforced what I already heard. It helps me hearing unrelated Christians referring to the same evidences and historical facts. It gives me even more confidence in what I believe.”  Landon H. (Base Camp West 2019)

“At church it’s hard to get answers to the questions me and my friends are really asking. At Base Camp I got those answers. I even got answers to questions I hadn’t asked yet but I know I would have eventually. Also, when different people from different backgrounds ask questions during lectures or small groups we all have something unique to bring. Everyone’s questions make you think of more questions so we’re never bored.”  Rebecca R. (Base Camp West 2019)

“My older brothers came to Base Camp several times. They would always talk about the lectures and discussions with their friends and each other. For me, I was interested in apologetics but less interested than them. I already believed a lot of this stuff. Being here and listening to experts speakers, talking with people, and getting into deeper discussions really affirmed what I already knew and believed. That’s important too.” Ethan S. (Base Camp Central 2019)


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Katherine S.

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Sarah S.

Common remarks…

Faith Ascent is “not like other student ministries” in that we “challenge them to think” and we “treat them like adults.”

Their “confidence in what they believe, why they believe it, and how to share it” increased significantly.

Their “questions and doubts” were “adequately answered” by “qualified experts & teachers.”

They better understand “what the gospel is (and is not)” and are “more confident in their ability to share it.”

“Denominational diversity” and “denominational unity” among speakers and students was “refreshing” and “helpful.

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