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Will you prayerfully consider helping a student attend Base Camp. You can make a tax deductible donation towards individual student tuitions by clicking on the profiles below.

What is Base Camp?
Base Camp is 5 days & 4 nights of preparation for the challenges and opportunities college bound Christians will encounter. In a real college environment our expert teaching team answers the tough questions teens are asking (and being asked).

Questions including but not limited to:

– Are moral and religious truths all relative?
– Does science contradict or compliment Christianity’s creation account?
– Are our Bible’s historically reliable and accurately copied?
– Was Jesus’ resurrection a real historical event?
– Was the Jesus messiah narrative plagiarized from earlier pagan myths?
– Are Christian sexual ethics outdated and bigoted?
– Can Christians adhere to historic sexual ethics and still love the LGBTQ community?
– How does the Gospel inform identity dynamics and race relations?
– How does social media impact the practice of Christian apologetics?
– What do people of other religious faiths actually believe?
– What do agnostics and atheists actually believe?
– What should evangelism look like in our cultural moment?

Student Profiles:

Nathanael says: “I don’t want to graduate from high school, meet opposition to my faith, and crumble under the pressure.” Read more here. 

Michaela says: “I’ve been struggling with my faith, questioning God and everything. I need to hear some good answers to hard questions.” Read more here. 

Allegra says: “To stand up for myself and my beliefs I really need to know what they are. I hope to learn how to express myself and my opinions” Read more here.

Ashley says: “I am in a different situation and place in life than in previous years. I am ready to learn anything God wants and needs me to learn before I head to college in the fall.” Read more here.

Jonah says: “I loved the lectures last year, they made me look at God in a new way.” Read more here.

Kalei says: “This is a way for me to grow in my faith. I believe the camp will help me be able to defend my faith.” Read more here.
Jovana says: “I would like to attend your Base Camp because I would like to further my relationship with the Lord, gain a better understanding of the bible, and learn how to live a better Christian life.” Read more here.

Click the “read more here” links to sponsor any of these students.

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Memo: “(Student Name) Scholarship.”

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