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Base Camp costs Faith Ascent about $800 pers student. Donors and sponsors cover $400 so camp cost is only $400 per student. However, for qualifying families, we raise extra funds for deserved scholarships. Will you help these students get to Base Camp?

Click the “read more here” links to sponsor any of these students.

Nathanael says: “I don’t want to graduate from high school, meet opposition to my faith, and crumble under the pressure.” Read more here. 

Michaela says: “I’ve been struggling with my faith, questioning God and everything. I need to hear some good answers to hard questions.” Read more here. 

Allegra says: “To stand up for myself and my beliefs I really need to know what they are. I hope to learn how to express myself and my opinions” Read more here.

Ashley says: “I am in a different situation and place in life than in previous years. I am ready to learn anything God wants and needs me to learn before I head to college in the fall.” Read more here.

Jonah says: “I loved the lectures last year, they made me look at God in a new way.” Read more here.

Kalei says: “This is a way for me to grow in my faith. I believe the camp will help me be able to defend my faith.” Read more here.
Jovana says: “I would like to attend your Base Camp because I would like to further my relationship with the Lord, gain a better understanding of the bible, and learn how to live a better Christian life.” Read more here.

Click the “read more here” links to sponsor any of these students.

You can also mail your scholarship check in any amount to:

Faith Ascent Ministries
11737 Administration Dr, Suite #1
Saint Louis, Missouri 63146

Payable to: “Faith Ascent Ministries”

Memo: “(Student Name) Scholarship.”

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