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Conversational Apologetics CourseDo you love non-Christians and doubting Christians enough to answer their questions and objections with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15)? Do you want to learn how to conversationally articulate and explain Christianity instead of relying solely on canned speeches or tracts? Our small groups are for you!

Our groups will provide you with safe but challenging opportunities to practice doing “conversational apologetics” so you can feel more confident and comfortable while discussing your faith with others. 

Contact us for details. 

The Program Approach: 
Rather than focusing solely on the reception of facts and evidences, this group provides you with safe but challenging opportunities to practice doing conversational apologetics so you can feel more confident and comfortable while discussing your faith with others.

There are three basic components: First, we seek to understand common objections that people have against Christianity and we develop rational answers to deal with them. Second, we learn and practice relationally relevant methods for sharing what we know with nonbelievers. Third, we encourage each other to get off the bench and practice these disciplines in real life.

General Agenda:
– Orientation Meeting
– Introductory Lessons and Practice in Conversational Apologetics
– Defining Conversational Apologetics
– How Do Questions Lead to Answers?
– Is Jesus Really the Only Way?
– If There Is a God, Why Does He Allow Evil and Suffering?
– Why Should I Believe the Bible?
– Why Are Christians So Close Minded on Sexuality?
– Why Are Christians as Bad as Everyone Else and Hypocrites Too?
– If God Is Love, Why Would He Send People to Hell?
– Is It Time to Listen, Ask Questions, or Proclaim the Gospel?
– Multiplication Meeting

Here’s what you will you need:
These books: Mere Christianity by: C.S. Lewis, The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticismby: Tim Keller, Questioning Evangelism by: Randy Newman, and the Conversational Apologetics Workbook by: Randy Newman & Joel Woodruff (We will provide the workbook.)

Reference Letter: 
The Conversational Apologetics class offered by Faith Ascent Ministries helped members of our church become much more confident to engage in spiritual conversations with friends.  The teaching was done with contagious energy and good humor, and the practical role-playing exercises equipped participants to apply what we were learning in a safe and supportive environment.  We plan to make this a regular part of our church’s training in outreach. I highly recommend this class for Christians who want to learn to share their faith in Christ with both truth and grace in equal measure.

– Rev. Dr. Michael Farley, Pastor of Spiritual Formation, Central Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, Missouri


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