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Would you like to book a free introductory Faith Ascent seminar (live or virtual) with Jeremy Smith? We will work closely with you to tailor his talk in a way that makes the most sense to your church, school, or other Christian group.   

The “Why Bother With Apologetics?” seminar stresses the importance of explaining Christianity in ways that make sense to your non-Christian friends and family instead of relying solely on canned speeches and tracts. Loving your neighbor, Jeremy argues, often includes answering questions and doubts that aren’t typically addressed in most evangelistic strategies and programs. 

The “Why Trust the Bible?” seminar highlights the various reasons why we can trust the reliability of the texts as well as the honesty of the authors. We don’t trust the Bible primarily because our parents and pastors want us to. We trust the Bible, Jeremy argues, because it is trustworthy in obvious and explainable ways.  

The “Why Bother With Your Testimony?” seminar highlights Jeremy’s unique and unlikely conversion experience and emphasizes the strength of personal testimony as a type of evidence for the Christian faith. Loving your neighbor, Jeremy suggests, often includes sharing your personal testimony as a precursor to the gospel.   

Contact us directly for Jeremy’s availability and scheduling details.  

Would you like to book a more formal Faith Ascent seminar or seminar series with one or several of our speakers (live or virtual)? We’ll ‘work closely with you to address the specific questions and doubts of your church, school, or other Christian group and choose the right speaker for your event.     

Other Popular Seminar Topics Include:  


Contact us directly for pricing and logistics. 

What are pastors and partners saying about our seminars? 

“Faith Ascent did three sessions with our group. I have never seen our young adults more excited about the things they were learning. They couldn’t stop talking about the lessons. I would HIGHLY recommend Faith Ascent for any seminar, conference, camp, or service!” Matthew Netzer – Student Director, St. Charles First Assemblies of God, St. Charles, MO  

“The Faith Ascent team organized a great weekend of solid teaching for our winter retreat. They surveyed our students in advance so they were able to customize the talks to fit our student’s needs and questions. I am still referring to their talks in conversations with my students.” Will Mooney – Youth Director, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN 

 “C.B.M.C. of Greater St. Louis is using Jeremy Smith and Faith Ascent’s team to speak to our men and equip them to think about what they believe and why they believe it. I am personally committed to Jeremy Smith and the work he is doing on behalf of our Lord.” Stanley Bower – CBMC Director

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