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Pastor Feedback

“Every pastor has strengths and weaknesses. You accent your strengths and supplement your weaknesses. This is why I wish Faith Ascent would expand to other cities! I’m so encouraged by their programs!”

Josh McDowell, Author, Apologist, Speaker

“I don’t have a direct affiliation with Faith Ascent but I want to tell you it’s where my heart is. We need to stem this tide. Our kids are vulnerable.”

Lee Strobel, Author, Apologist, Speaker

“A recent study showed that creating space for students to doubt and ask questions is critical. It’s ministries like Faith Ascent that are taking students seriously and helping them to think through the answers to the big questions.”

Sean McDowell, Author, Apologist, Speaker

“Faith Ascent is a ministry your teenagers should be involved with because 75% of Christians walk away from their church after leaving home!”

Frank Turek, Author, Apologist, Speaker

“Our students are faced daily with challenges to their faith. Both externally, among their peers, and internally, with their own doubts. Faith Ascent’s teaching team organized a weekend of solid teaching for our winter retreat. They surveyed our students in advance so they were able to customize their talks. I am still referring to their talks in conversations with my students. I am so thankful for this ministry.”

Will Mooney, Senior High Youth Director, Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA), Nashville, TN

We recently held an adult volunteer retreat. One of the highlights was hearing Jeremy Smith of Faith Ascent explain why teens, now more than ever, need to have established a Biblical worldview before they leave high school. Faith Ascent is really breaking molds in the field of apologetics, and I am looking forward to continue growing our partnership in the coming years.

BJ Filla, Director of Youth Ministries, SunRise UMC, O’Fallon MO

“Most student ministry programming tends to focus more on the personal piety aspect of Christian development, which is very important. Faith Ascent fills a critical void in seeking to fortify young Christians intellectually, preparing them for the endless marketplace of ideas and world views. Praise God for raising up a ministry of this sort!”

Aaron Goldstein, Associate Pastor, Cornerstone E-Free Church, Kirkwood, MO

“Faith Ascent did three sessions with our group. I have never seen our young adults more excited about the things they were learning. They couldn’t stop talking about the lessons. I would HIGHLY recommend Faith Ascent for any seminar, conference, camp, or church service!”

Matt Netzer, Student Ministries Director, St. Charles First Assembly of God, St. Charles, MO

“Faith Ascent is worth every student ministry leader’s consideration. With a clear purpose and a thoughtful game plan, no student ministry should dismiss this program. I have appreciated, most of all, that Faith Ascent is guided by effective and committed leadership, going about the work of ministry to students in a 21st century context.”

Dan Borth, Minister to Students, Ridgecrest Baptist Church in St. Charles, MO

“Our kids are falling prey to warped perspectives that confuse and destroy the Christian worldview. In my experience there are many ministries that attempt to answer the question of “What should we do about this?” but only a few answer it correctly. Faith Ascent answers it correctly! Thank you Faith Ascent!”

Chris Holland, Youth Pastor, Eastern Shores Presbyterian Church (PCA), Fairhope, AL

“In a culture where biblical understanding is at an all time low, Faith Ascent speakers helped equip our students to understand the relevance, reliability, and unquestionable truth that is in God’s word… Every youth group needs this type of specialized message to equip its students and leaders.”

Ron John, Youth Pastor, Victory Church in Pevely, MO

“Jeremy was energetic, engaging, and practical. He challenged our teens to take issues of faith seriously. He encouraged us to begin thinking about where others might be and to begin building simple bridges for them to come to faith in Christ. I would invite him back in a heartbeat.”

Ryan Sparks, Youth Leader, The Journey (Tower Grove Campus), St. Louis, MO

“Faith Ascent is a linchpin ministry for the local church. They specialize in topics that local church leadership may struggle with. They have specialized teachers who have proven records in their field. Each visit to your church is tailored to meet your people’s greatest needs. We plan on Faith Ascent becoming a regular part of our ministry here at The Journey West County.”

Cory Ball, Youth Pastor, The Journey (West County Campus), St. Louis, MO

“Apologetics in the 21st century is going to be a deliberate mixture of grounding students in the basics alongside giving them reasons to reject the everyday attacks on the Bible. I think Faith Ascent provides an important service. I pray that the Lord blesses Faith Ascent so that future programs will be offered and our older teens will be rooted in the Bible and enabled to branch out and refute attacks that threaten to undermine their Christian faith.”

Mark P. Ryan, Director, Francis A. Schaeffer Institute, St. Louis, MO

“I am concerned for the number of young people who abandon their faith upon entering the university culture and I hope you are concerned too. Our culture is so noisy that young people (and older people) struggle with defending the exclusive truth claims of Christianity reasonably and respectfully. I strongly encourage you all to consider sending some of your young people to Base Camp.”

Luke Bobo Ph.D. Associate Professor and Department Chair, Lindenwood University, St. Charles, MO

“Jeremy Smith’s ability to engage young people is awesome! CBMC, Inc of Greater St. Louis is also using Jeremy to speak to our men and equip them to think about what they believe and why they believe it. Through our partnership with Jeremy and Faith Ascent we intend to further develop his character as a leader, a disciple, and a disciple maker. I am personally committed to Jeremy Smith and the work he is doing on behalf of our Lord”

Stanley Bower, Area Director of CBMC, St. Louis, MO

“Faith Ascent is necessary to the life and growth of the church. Because we are losing 58%-88% of our young people when they get out on their own, I believe the battle for our faith will be won by reaching them early. Faith Ascent is serving the local church and families to help their young people become firm in their faith. I thank God for Faith Ascent Ministries and for Jeremy Smith.”

Bev Ehlen, Director, Concerned Women of America, St. Louis, MO

“Faith Ascent, made a wonderful presentation to the St. Louis Assemblies of God ministers about the increasing drop out rate of young people raised in our churches… To address the problem, Faith Ascent conducts an annual apologetics summer camp. I highly recommend the camp.”

John A. Wilson, Pastor Emeritus, West County Assembly of God Church, St. Louis, MO

“How we think about truth and what we believe is true is the most important thing to get right as a believer. Faith Ascent will be a key piece to augment that process for our students.”

Lonnie Trembly, Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church, Columbia, IL

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