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Parent Feedback

“For the past four years, Faith Ascent has been a core part of our son’s discipleship and growth as a Christian. The speakers and topics addressed through their programs address important and difficult topics that young people are encountering on a daily basis. I’m so grateful that through Faith Ascent my children and many others can meet godly, wise, intelligent Christians who are examples of how to integrate our faith in all of life.”

Kevin VandenBrink, MDiv. PCA Pastor and Legacy Giving Director, Langham Partnership

Hi Faith Ascent,

I’m a mom of a teen that went to Base Camp for the first time… I love, love, love the way Faith Ascent challenged him to think deeper about matters of faith. That was exactly what he needed and, honestly, I didn’t even realize he needed that until he returned home a changed person. I love the way he now has a hunger for knowing and expressing the truth and also analyzes what he hears in the media. I want you to know I can see your impact has been huge. Thank you so much for ministering to my wonderful boy both through Faith Ascent and then even more through Facebook. I’m hoping to sign him up again this year. I don’t want him to miss it.


Janel S.

Dear Faith Ascent,

I attended a few lectures with my day pass. I was really pleased with what I heard. But I was even more pleased with how much my daughter was on fire for the Lord after Base Camp. Even though she doesn’t remember what I said yesterday, she still talks about her week at camp. She is so glad to have met the friends she met there and still talks with her small group.

Samantha K.

Dear Faith Ascent,

After your class, I looked for opportunities to practice what I had learned. I didn’t have to look far! I have been able to practice “question-based evangelism” with my neighbors. I began asking questions about people’s faith and asking why someone believed something instead of just telling them what I believed. We have had some great conversations! I have been much more comfortable asking questions about others’ faith and conversing about my own since I attended your class. Thank you for helping equip me to spread the Gospel.

With gratitude,


Dear Faith Ascent,

I write you to say how much my boys enjoyed base camp. This was their first year going.  I really wanted them to go but they didn’t want to attend. When they found out a couple of their friends were going, they reluctantly agreed to go.  I was afraid they wouldn’t enjoy themselves as I knew there were so many lectures, but when I picked them up Friday night, they asked to come back next year.  I am amazed that my two boys who hate school actually had good things to say about attending all these lectures.  Thank you again to you and all of your staff for giving my boys such a wonderful experience.

Blessings, Heather M.

Since 2009, Jeremy Smith and several Faith Ascent speakers have been foundational to our “Teen Track Talks” at many of our home education conferences. Our home educating parents have appreciated this ministry so much that Jeremy has been asked to be a charge speaker at multiple high school graduation ceremonies. I highly encourage any youth ministry to host a Faith Ascent seminar, small group, or attend their summer camp. It will be life changing.”

Cathy Mullins Board Member of Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo Director of St. Louis Homeschooling Activities, Resources & Encouragement (S.H.A.R.E.)

Dear Faith Ascent,

I think this ministry is incredibly vital. We support you and appreciate the newsletters, resources, and articles you share. Our whole family reads them. Keep up the needed work for Jesus and our teens.

In Christ, Suzanne and family

Dear Faith Ascent,

I think this ministry is incredibly vital. We support you and appreciate the newsletters, resources, and articles you share. Our whole family reads them. Keep up the needed work for Jesus and our teens.

In Christ, Suzanne and family

As a homeschool group leader of many years and as an instructor in college model science classes, I would encourage all parents of teenagers to make sure their teens attend Base Camp at least once, and more than once if possible! In just one week, students are challenged to think about so many biblical and worldview issues – from science to the reliability of scripture and the reality of the resurrection to the postmodern culture, sexual ethics, the value of life and even to understanding how to evangelize and love those who think and live differently. Recently, I was speaking to a group of teenagers. One teen indicated she really wanted to go on the mission field. I encouraged her to go to Faith Ascent Base Camp first. Another teen chimed in with a resounding, “Yes! Yes, you should go!”

Margaret Porch, Leader – St. Charles Christian Home Educators Science Instructor At SCCHE Learning Center

Dear Jeremy, I want to let you know how Faith Ascent impacted my daughter Verity. She came back from camp with a real knowledge of who she is in Christ and eager to share with confidence her faith. I am thankful for your ministry.


Shawna Grupe

Dear Faith Ascent,

When my daughter, Claire, came home from Faith Ascent Base Camp she was amazed at just how much information there is out there to intelligently defend the Word of God. I was both encouraged and embarrassed by this. I didn’t realize that her understanding of these topics was so insufficient!

She looked me right in the eye and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me about all of this?” Unfortunately, I didn’t have a good response. I was a little ashamed. But, I’m also grateful for the people at Faith Ascent who make this information available and understandable to young people.

Claire told me that she could have been more effective as an ambassador for Christ throughout high school if she had gone to Faith Ascent Base Camp earlier. Right away she was better equipped to talk with her non-Christian friends and she was able to make more positive contributions to diverse discussions.

I had to ask myself: 1 – Why didn’t I, as a parent, equip my daughter with this valuable information? 2 – Why wasn’t this being taught in our Christian schools, Sunday school classes, and churches? 3 – Why aren’t there more ministries like Faith Ascent out there?

I really am grateful for Faith Ascent. Your camp gave my daughter the courage to speak up. You’ve equipped her heart and also her mind!


Winnie G.

Dear Faith Ascent,

Thank you so much for the opportunity you gave Terra to come to your camp this year. She is excited about returning next year. After attending your parent night presentation, I was impressed. As a teacher in the public school system, I know the need for students to have the tools, knowledge, and confidence to stand for their faith. I believe that students will be able to use their new knowledge to defend their faith and start winning new kids to Christ.

Patrice W.

Dear Faith Ascent,

I spoke with Emmett and got fresh input about Faith Ascent Base Camp.

Emmett thought the subjects covered were important. The more delicate subject matters seemed to be handled carefully and thoughtfully, yet directly. I also appreciate that this was NOT a training camp for how to “argue” your faith. The attitude of the presentations seemed loving. The goal being to solidify one’s own faith and successfully share & defend it with others keeping relationships in tact.

I look forward to Emmett being invited to upcoming events.

In Jesus Name, Susan H.

Dear Faith Ascent,

Caleb started college a few weeks ago. The very first night they had a social game called “play fair.” A statement was made and if you agreed with it you went into one room and if you disagreed with it you went into another. The statement was: “You should be able to marry whoever you want.” Caleb said that he was the ONLY one who went in the disagree room. Then they came together to discuss.

When he was challenged Caleb replied “what if you want to marry your Mom, or your sister, or your dog?” Everyone seemed surprised that he had a legitimate reason to disagree. At the end the host asked everyone to applaud Caleb for standing up for the other side of the statement.

He said after the event several students sought him out. He told them he believed Jesus was the son of God and that his death and resurrection are facts that point to the truth of the Bible. Because Caleb had already shown that he was an independent thinker, and he was comfortable articulating his faith, Caleb’s beliefs were respected not rejected or questioned.

I know that his experiences at Faith Ascent Base Camp gave him the confidence to share his faith. Imagine if he would not have had FABC. He would have been ridiculed instead of respected. Thank you for all you have done to sew into Caleb’s life.

Mrs. Joy W.

Dear Faith Ascent,

I just wanted to share a few thoughts I had about Mark’s experience at Faith Ascent Base Camp. I was glad I sent him for several reasons:

Camp afforded him the rare blessing of attending interactive lectures with nationally recognized speakers and famous Christian authors. He didn’t just get to hear them, but was able to partake in Question & Answer small group settings with them, and sometimes one-on-one.

Somehow, this camp esteemed all the training we had poured into our son in such a way that he no longer just knew what he believed (with the ability to articulate mom and dad’s exact verbiage); but he became more confident in his ability to discuss, argue and defend matters of faith in a non-emotional and intellectual way.

It is valid to say that my somewhat shy, but confident son grew deeper in his conviction and ownership of what is right in accordance with a biblical worldview and the privilege and responsibility he has to defend it. (“…always be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in you” 1peter 3:15).

Thank you for making these camps available and affordable so that our young men and women can be better equipped to impact the world for the glory of God.

Serving Him Together,

Mrs. Sofie S.

Faith Ascent,

I just came back from parent night at Base Camp. I want to thank you. [My daughter] had an awesome week. She was super excited to share her week with me. It is a huge blessing to see her with this much passion about her faith. What ever I can do to help get more kids there next year just let me know. I can’t thank you enough for making sure she got to be a part of this.

Camp Mom

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