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We offer four strategic and complimentary student programs:

Our free survey will help parents, pastors, and youth pastors pinpoint the specific doubts your Christian teens are wrestling with and the specific questions they’re fielding from their non-Christian friends. Don’t spend any more time answering questions they are not asking. For more information contact us.

Our seminars are perfect for introducing your youth group, church, or high school to the historical, philosophical, and scientific evidence for Christianity. We will work closely with you to assess the unique questions of your group and will tailor a seminar to address those questions. Meet our teaching team. Read what pastors are saying about our seminars here. For more information Contact Us.

Our annual summer camp is four days and three nights of fun, fellowship, and intense preparation for the intellectual and spiritual challenges young Christians will face after leaving home. In a safe but challenging college environment we ask, answer, and discuss the tough questions that all Christians are asking or are being asked. For more information Contact Us.

We help to facilitate connections between college bound teens and college campus ministries. We find that students are more likely to connect with Christian community on campus and stay connected with a local church if we help them to identify and communicate with campus ministries before they leave home. For more information Contact Us.

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Join us in #StLouis for a charitable, critical, & creative conversation on #science and #scripture. 3 experts. 3 perspectives. Tickets are free but seats are limited. Register here: https://t.co/1ELi6gEiV4 https://t.co/Oci9ve2YDX FaithAscent photo
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Lots of events this month in #StLouis #Missouri and #Illinois related to #apologetics #mission #evangelism and #prayer. Visit the Faith Ascent calendar for details: https://t.co/tjITBHHNP7 https://t.co/YGrdzNKygH FaithAscent photo