Base Camp Speakers: Where Are They Now?

After speaking at the Creation Project Conference, 2017 & 2018 Base Camp speaker S. Joshua Swamidass PhD MD hosted a discussion group that included William Lane Craig (Reasonable Faith), Jack Collins (Covenant Theological Seminary), Richard Averbeck (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School), Ken Keathley (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), and Richard Shultz (Wheaton College). William Lane Craig, inspired and intrigued by Dr. Swamidass’ work, said this:

“…some scientific popularizers have claimed that the genetic diversity of the present human population could not have arisen from an isolated primordial pair. Joshua Swamidass, a geneticist from Washington University… helped me to understand that this claim is completely wrong-headed.”

2018 Base Camp speaker and Faith Ascent seminar speaker, Clark Bates, was recently interviewed by blogger and speaker, Alisa Childers (former artist with the Dove award-winning group ZoeGirl). Listen in as Alisa and Clark discuss common sense biblical interpretation as well as the five most misinterpreted verses in the Bible. For audio click image or click here.

2015 & 2016 Base Camp speaker Dr. Michael J. McClymond‘s new book The Devil’s Redemption: A New History and Interpretation of Christian Universalism, despite the $80 price tag, hit number one in the world in “Christian Salvation Theory” for several days. The book critiques the heresy of universalism from a biblical, philosophical, and theological standpoint. Dr. McClymond talked recently with Tony Reinke over at Desiring God about the growing popularity of Christian universalism in the church. For audio and transcript click image or click here.

2018 Base Camp speakers Vince Bantu PhD, Jessica Eswine, and Rachel Ferguson PhD will be joining a talented cast of speakers including, among others, Holly Ordway PhD (HBU) and Dick Keyes (L’Abri), Sept 21-22, 2018 to examine the place of imagination in relation to Christian apologetics. This conference encourages an integrative approach to engaging in apologetics and gives serious thought to the relationship between apologetics and imagination. This wonderful event is being brought to you by another Base Camp favorite, Mark P. Ryan and our friends at The Francis Schaeffer Institute. For event details click image or click here.

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