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What is Base Camp?



Base Camp is typically five days and four nights of fun, fellowship, and intense preparation for college bound Christians. In a safe but challenging environment we answer the tough questions Christian teens are asking (and being asked).

Questions including but not limited to:

– Is truth relative? Can something be true for me but not for you?

– Does science contradict or complement Christianity’s creation account?

– Is the Bible reliable and trustworthy? How do we know?

– Is the historical Jesus the same as the Jesus of the New Testament?

– Was the resurrection a real historical event? How do we know?

– What exactly is the gospel? What are false gospels?

– Are traditional Christian sexual ethics outdated and bigoted?

– How do we love our LGBT friends and family without compromising the truth?

– What do people of other religious faiths believe? How can we love them well?

– What do atheists actually believe? How can we love them well?

– What does evangelism look like in a postmodern & post-Christian culture?

– What exactly are we saved for? What now?

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Answers to frequently asked questions here


Why Faith Ascent Camp(s)?

Affordable: We work all year long to secure corporate sponsorships and donor support to keep camp costs low for you and your students.

Highly Recommended: Ministry leaders from all over the country have publicly endorsed Faith Ascent’s mission, vision, & values.

World Class Teaching: Your students will learn from nationally known speakers, authors, and qualified Christian experts. Our speakers are chosen based on their expertise and their ability to effectively communicate with teens.

Top Notch Production: Using technology and tested methodology, we utilize the best tools and resources to connect and communicate with your students.

Strategic Follow Up: We follow our camp grads through college to ensure they connect with campus ministries, have access to pastoral care, and maintain their Christian faith. Local small groups are available in summer and spring for younger students.

Results Driven: We survey, test, & interview students before and after camp to measure the effectiveness of our programs.

Reliance on The Holy Spirit: We know The Holy Spirit is the agent of real change. Our prayer team regularly prays for your students, by name, from the time of registration through graduation.


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