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Good Questions Deserve Good Answers!

Are all Christians intolerant bigots?      Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

Can something be true for me but not for you?      Does science contradict Christianity?

Why should we trust the Bible?      Are Christian sexual ethics outdated?

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Prepare To Share

At least 55% of professing Christian teens haven't shared the gospel in the last year. 

When asked why, many said they felt uncomfortable answering "intellectual questions" about their faith. 

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Sobering Statistics

At least 60% of professing Christian teens will not carry their beliefs into adult life. 

When asked why, most said "intellectual skepticism" was a major deciding factor. 

Are You a Parent?

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Are You a Student?

Faith Ascent Ministries

Faith Ascent is a denominationally diverse teaching ministry. We identify and answer the most relevant and pressing scientific, historical, philosophical, & ethical questions college bound Christian teenagers are asking and being asked through our unique and strategic programs. In light of the growing number of Christian teenagers who abandon the church and the growing number of Christian teenagers who are unable or unwilling to share the gospel, we believe our mission is critical! Will you help us


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