Base Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can parents and pastors attend lectures? 
A. Yes. Day pass details HERE

Q. What time should students arrive on Monday to sign in?
A. General registration is from 9:00AM - 9:45AM. 1st Lecture starts PROMPTLY at 10:00AM. 
(Note: Student Small Group Leaders will need to arrive at 8:00AM) 

Q. Where will students be dropped off on Monday?
A.  Lindenwood Dorms / Reynolds Hall (Map in Student Manual
Note: Student Small Group Leaders will register in the AB Leadership Room / The Spellmann Center) 

Q. What time is the "Parent Night" presentation on Friday?

A.  6:00PM - 8:00PM

Q: Where will the "Parent Night" presentation take place? 

A.  AB Leadership Room / The Spellmann Center (Map in Student Manual

Q. What time should students be picked up and signed out on Friday?

A.  8:00pm - 8:30PM

Q. Where will students be picked up and signed out on Friday?

A.  Lindenwood Dorms / Reynolds Hall  (Map in Student Manual

Q. Are scholarships available?

A.  Yes. However, funds are limited. Please do not apply if you can honestly afford camp tuition. Information HERE.

Q. Are college credits available? 
A. Yes. Information HERE.

Q. Can my student opt out of staying overnight in the dorms?

A. Yes. But the student will need parental approval and will be required to sign in and out every morning and evening. (We do suggest students stay the night to enjoy the full camp experience.)

Q. How will rooms be assigned? 

A. Students will be assigned a room the day they register - first come-first served. Two or three students per room. You can request that a specific friend room with your student but we can't guarantee it.

Q. Will there be responsible adult chaperones in the dorms and at camp in general?

A. Yes. We will have approximately 1 adult per 10 students. (Note: Adults stay in their own rooms.)

Q. Do students need to bring personal items? 
A. Yes. See Student Manual

Q. Will a dress code be enforced? 

A. Yes. (See Student Manual).

Q. Is parking available to students who want to drive their own car?

A. Yes. (They will not need special stickers or permission.)

Q. Should students bring extra spending money?

A. That's Optional. Students will be able to buy various snacks between meals as well as various recommended book and DVD resources.

Q. What age group do you target?

A. We aim at professing Christian students 16 - 18 years of age. However, younger high school age students can benefit from our programs if they are willing and able to digest the content. 

Q. Is Faith Ascent affiliated with a particular Christian denomination?
A. No. Our board of directorsstaff, volunteer staff, and teachers come from diverse Christian backgrounds. However, our respective Christian backgrounds would be considered orthodox or theologically conservative by most (if not all). As a rule, we are all unified in terms of essential Christian doctrines.

Q. What topics do you address?
A. We mix presuppositional, evidential, and classical Christian apologetics. Topics include but are not limited to: Faith & Science, The Reliability of The Bible, Biblical Hermeneutics, The Historical Jesus, The Validity of Jesus’ Resurrection, The Problem of Evil, Faith & Reason, Dealing With Doubts, Christian Sexual Ethics, Conversational Evangelism, World Religions, Film & Music, Relevant Cultural Topics, Etc.

Q. What is Faith Ascent's stance on origins and the earth's age?
A. We present strong philosophical and theological reasons for viewing scientific discoveries through the lens of Christian orthodoxy and we present strong historical and exegetical reasons for viewing Genesis 1 - 3 through the lens of Christian orthodoxy. We encourage healthy debate and discourage unhealthy division by highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the varying positions. While we affirm important concerns that arise, we recognize that thoughtful people committed to honoring Scripture come to different conclusions about the details. Students are best prepared for college when exposed to a range of faithful positions, while emphasizing the centrality of Jesus to the Christian faith. When encountering mainstream science at a college level, this exposure fosters confident curiosity and thoughtfulness as students work out their own positions on the details.

Q. What is Faith Ascent's stance on Christian sexual ethics?
A. Faith Ascent affirms the fact that humans tend to flourish when sexual desire and sexual activity is kept between one man and one woman in the context of a covenant relationship. This is consistent with God's original design for human flourishing as revealed to us in The Bible (Genesis 2, Matt 19, 1 Corinth 6, Rom 1). Furthermore, this is consistent with the available sociological, biological, and psychological evidence currently available to us. However, we also affirm the fact that, because of the fall and because of our sinful choices, sexual imperfection impacts everyone. 

Q. What is Faith Ascent's stance on nature vs nurture, reparative therapy, and celibacy as it relates to Christian sexual ethics?
A. We affirm the fact that, because of the fall and because of our sinful choices, sexual imperfection impacts everyone and, in some cases, LBGTQ*** desires and attractions result. We affirm the fact that reparative therapy has been helpful to some and harmful to others. We absolutely affirm the Christian hope in healing and, at the same time, we absolutely affirm the slowness of sanctification and the reality of lifelong "thorns in the flesh." We also affirm the Biblical precedent for Christians who feel called to a lifetime of singleness (1 Corinth 7) to pursue singleness. Furthermore, we believe obedience to the call of singleness in no way disqualifies Christians from ministry. 

Q. Are you just like Summit Ministries?
A. No. While we are fans of Summit and though there may be some speaker overlap, Faith Ascent is very different. For example, our camp is designed to simulate a challenging college experience. Our students stay in college dorms, attend lectures in college classrooms, and can receive college credits. Also, our camp is capped at 100 students. This offers our students a unique opportunity to have their individual questions answered by nationally known authors and speakers. Here's what one of our students said: "I went to an apologetics camp [Summit] last summer. I needed a smaller group. This camp [Base Camp] was great and less expensive." - Laurel B. Furthermore, if you are unable to send your student(s) to our camp we will bring our camp to your student(s) through our seminars

Q. How is Faith Ascent Funded?
A. We are not funded by a single church or denomination. We rely on the faithful support of individual parents, pastors, and concerned Christians just like you. While we firmly believe your first charitable responsibility is to your local church, we ask that you would prayerfully consider, in addition to your tuition payment, supporting us on a monthly basis or with a one time gift. You can give here.

Q. My student does not plan to attend a “secular” college. Will he or she still benefit?
A. Yes. Though our topics are geared toward college bound high-school Juniors and Seniors, all age appropriate students interested in learning how to better defend and articulate their Christian beliefs will benefit.

Q. My student has been educated in worldview studies. Will he or she still benefit?
A. Yes. Though there may be some overlap, all age appropriate students interested in learning how to better defend and articulate their Christian beliefs will benefit.

Q. I'm pretty sure my student is not a Christian. Will he or she still benefit?
A. Yes and no. Our seminars are beneficial to anyone interested in the topics. Our summer camp, however, is designed to equip professing Christian teenagers only. If your student is not a professing Christian, our friends at Young Life and K-Life are better equipped to serve your needs. Tell them we sent you!

Q. My student has behavioral and/or mental challenges. Will he or she still benefit?
A. Maybe. Can your student refrain from distracting others? Will your student be able to engage with and understand the lecture content? If you answered "no" to one or both of these questions, our programs probably aren't a good fit.

Please contact us with questions or concerns.

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